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Anything Without a Practice is Not Accountable

A hint to the IT Job Seekers

Here are the questions that we can think of – Do we plan to visit a not practicing Doctor? Do we take inputs from a not practicing Lawer? Do players get selected if not Practicing?

Even a great batsman like Sachin may have to prove that he is medically fit to play for test series during the selection  process. And to keep medically fit he will have to have a regular practice irrespective of that whether there is a test / one day international / 20-20 match or not. A singer has to have singing practice regularly to keep herself/himself ready all the time to be in the competition.

T o join an industry, theoretical knowledge and with a double effort on practical and practice is a must. We have to every time bear it in mind that Industry is a platform to perform, to be productive and show timely results with quality.Industry is not a training platform or learning platform.

In case of MBBS there is practice session designed before a degree is awarded. In case chartered accountancy there is a practice session articulated before a degree is awarded.

The surprise and the irony is that, in engineering the practice is not designed where it is very much essential. In engineering, both the practical and the practice have been totally neglected. They have design of doing projects in the last year and that is not catering to the need of industry. Here practice means it is everyday working under the guidance of experts having 10+ yrs of experience in the related field for a period of 600 work hours. Only then the engineering students will be productive and thus be eligible to work in the industry. This is exactly what is under MBBS and CA. It cannot be still understood that why still this best practice is not incorporated in engineering. Then perhaps India, then can grab all the global projects with so much engineers coming out every year. It looks like there is no proper vision in  the  governing bodies.

Practice is simple but great concept. What we do on the day 1 for 3 hours, we will be able to do the same in less than 1 hr with good practice. This we call it as productive. This what industry needs. Practice means encountering many (hundred of) different kinds of problems and finding solutions to them. By doing this our brain will be fully equipped both with working knowledge and so many  data samples in the brain memory. Now when a problem is surfaced, quickly brain scans the complete working   knowledge treasure and all the above said data samples that is in the memory. This helps the brain to get  a precise solution to the problem within a very short time. This is called Productivity. Industry needs this quality as the Project Deliveries are always time bound, to be of Quality, and  Cost  effective. A man with the practice can run 400 meters in the same time a man without practice runs for 100 meters. More over a man with the practice can avoid the occurring of problems; will be capable of handling pressure; adopts best practices;

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